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Being a first-time home buyer is exciting! But I know it can also feel overwhelming—especially when you see homes being purchased at a median of nearly $315,000 and available homes flying off the market in just three weeks. With real estate trends like those, you might be tempted to make an impulsive purchase that could hurt your financial goals and keep you paying a mortgage well into retirement. No one wants that! Trust me, you guys, it’s worth doing this the right way. And that means buying a home that you love and that doesn’t hurt your future money goals. You may be thinking, Yeah, that would be great, Amaal. But where do I even start?
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The easiest agent to work with . She’s knowledgeable, professional, and patient. She helped find my house in less than a month. She understands your needs right away and as accordingly. Mehrnaz Movaghar 2020

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Interest rates on mortgages and student loans have hit record lows thanks to the Federal Reserve’s efforts to prop up the economy during the COVID-19 crisis. A 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage, for example, currently carries an average interest rate of about 3% or even lower.

Your FICO score is one of the biggest factors determining the interest rate you receive on a loan. The higher your credit score is, the lower your interest rate will be. Your credit utilization ratio is the amount of credit you’re using. If you carry a high balance on your credit card, it’s negatively affecting your credit score. For example: If your credit limit is $10,000 and your balance is $6,000, your utilization ratio is 60%, which is very high. We recommend keeping your utilization ratio at 20% or lower. If you’re unable to pay down your debt, you could ask your creditor for a credit limit increase.